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NYSUT United

Back in Aug. of '69, were you busy getting ready for the school year?  Getting married?  Having or caring for babies?  Do you regret not going? If so, it's not too late!
    Buried in the beautiful area of Bethel Woods, NY only a couple of hours from
Central NY, is the beautifully maintained site of Woodstock.   If you're not sorry you missed the mud and rain-soaked event, but regret not hearing the wonderful music and myriad experiences it offered, you can still go. The site is beautifully preserved and is in a gorgeous locale, especially in autumn when the foliage is at its most breathtaking.  The museum has films, displays, memorabilia, special exhibits, and an event gallery with periodic special performances.  For seniors, the cost of the museum is $13.  For more information go to www.woodstock.com.