Hello Fellow Retirees,

After a brief bit of winter in early November we have settled into our pre-December “every snowless day is a gift” mode.  For me, that means last minute lawn work and some trips to visit with friends who live a distance from me without the worry of being stranded. My holiday plans are coming together and that always means special time with family and friends.  I hope that you too get to do some relaxing in the best way for you!

Thank you to those of you who have already mailed your voluntary contributions and if you have yet to do so, please consider sending your 2019-2020 voluntary contributions. As I frequently mention, we do rely solely on your donations to support our efforts in keeping you informed and advocating on your behalf. No one representing the RC receives any compensation for his/her work.

Your voluntary contributions help fund our delegates to represent RC#45 retirees at NYSUT conferences and meetings, keep retirees informed of matters regarding issues affecting retirees and public education.  Funds are also used to hold luncheons in either (or both) spring and fall. We are also beginning a scholarship program to assist applicants with college expenses, more details about this will be coming.

Enjoy the holiday season!! 
In solidarity,
Vicki Darrow, President, NYSUT RC #45



Please complete the form below and send your voluntary contribution for 2019/2020 to: Maxine Cleveland, RC 45 Treasurer, 5 Brentwood Drive, Homer NY 13077.  Please make checks payable to: NYSUT Retiree Council 45 




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