Vicki jumpsHappy New Year my sisters and brothers!

I hope the holiday season was rewarding and filled with quality family and friends time. I spent Thanksgiving with my youngest son in Wilmington, NC and Christmas in Cortland, NY with my older two children and three grandsons. The attached photo was taken at the trampoline park. I earned serious credibility in front of my youngest grandson with my jumping abilities! I was also able to spend a nice amount of time with my friends, many of whom are still active teachers. 

Our new board member, Kathy McHugh, has been busy working at procuring a wonderful location for our June General Meeting at the Hopshire Farms & Brewery. Save the June 18th date and hope to see you there. Another board member, Tom Gath, will be playing for a portion of our general meeting and that is a real treat.

Please help NYSUT make public service retirement fair for everyone and visit Home - to join the fight. Please consider contributing to VOTE-COPE using pension deduction. For questions or to request a VOTE COPE form visit NYSUT’s homepage (or call/text me at 607-745-3515 and I will mail you a form) Pension deduction is the easiest way to continue your contributions in retirement and it costs NYSUT the least amount of money to set-up for the long term. Nothing would be more valuable and appreciated than you answering the call in this way. 

Please have a blessed 2024, stay healthy and safe.

In solidarity, 
Vicki Darrow
President, NYSUT RC #45

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