Dear Fellow Retirees,

☘️ Winter is ending soon, at least I hope it is on its last vestige of it as I write this letter. We have a few warm days ahead so hopefully the snowbanks are dwindling as the daytime hours are increasing. It has been a busy time for our household as we have done some traveling. I highly recommend Hawaii to anyone who has not been, we traveled in January and other than some weird flight glitches, it was wonderful. We commended ourselves on our decision to spend more than one week there. We had so much to accomplish on our to-do list so the extra time was wonderful. While on the heavily populated island of Oahu my husband and I found ourselves showing our COVID-19 vaccination record as well as our license for access to most public spaces like restaurants and food courts. Check out  where Excelsior Pass Plus is available as a source for a digital record of your vaccinations. Hawaii had a similar program that made getting into the restaurants a little easier.

NYSUT’s Retiree Activist Handbook has been updated, please check it out online at You will find a lot of interesting information in the handbook. 

NYSUT is still celebrating the 30th anniversary of Retiree Councils which will carry on at the 2022 Representative Assembly. I have a lovely pin and a spring jacket that I will be wearing to the RA to show my support! RC #45 has three votes and we will vote conscientiously as we attend all committee meetings and general sessions. Diana Torta and I appreciate the ability to represent RC #45 and do not take this privilege lightly. It is important to note that Diana also represents us at the Committee of 100 meetings. Thank you for your involvement and perhaps consider becoming even more involved by contacting one of the officers or board members listed on the front of the newsletter. Our role as NYSUT Retirees is as important as ever in these challenging times. RC #45 works hard to meet your needs as well as look for ways to support our in-service sisters and brothers.

As I always mention, thank you to those of you who have already mailed your voluntary contributions.  If you have yet to do so, please consider sending your 2021 – 2022  voluntary contributions. As you now know, we do rely solely on your donations to support our efforts in keeping you informed and advocating on your behalf. No one representing the RC receives any monetary compensation for his/her work. Now that the Representative Assembly is back to an In-person convention, we will see our expenses on the rise.

Stay safe and healthy!!

In solidarity,  ~Vicki Darrow

President, NYSUT RC #45

Photo by Angela Bailey on Unsplash