? We have done it! Spring is around the corner, I see our snow banks decreasing every day right now! Daylight savings is always welcome, giving us the extra hour of daylight at the end of the day. With spring this year we also have the hint of the decline of the effects of the pandemic on our lives. Our plans to travel again may resume shortly.  Visiting with good friends and a meal shared at a restaurant aren’t so far fetched anymore. Governor Cuomo announced that beginning April 1, domestic travelers no longer need to quarantine after entering NY from another US state. While we are still required to complete the NYS traveler form this is a huge announcement in my mind. 

RC #45 continues to work behind the scenes with remote modifications in place for our safety. Our last meeting together had 100% attendance with Zoom. No one had to drive anywhere and we were able to meet to accomplish our agenda, have some friendly banter and then resume our regularly scheduled day. I actually see this as an option moving forward, even without COVID-19 protocol in place. We have the Representative Assembly fast approaching where we will “attend” the conference remotely this year. Breakout sessions at my last two conferences were well done and easily maneuvered..... and I never moved out of my living room chair.

We have a virtual ED #51 meeting on March 23 where we will be reviewing and discussing union issues in an open forum. Loretta Donlon, our very own Director of ED #51 will be facilitating. It will be great to see our union friends and resume a feeling of normalcy.

If you haven’t registered on our RC #45 website please click here to do that. It is the most efficient means we have to communicate with you. Thank you to those of you who have created a profile and also to those who have mailed in their voluntary contributions. 

Please stay safe and healthy. Let us know what you need from us to continue living your best lives. We are a phone call, letter or email away.

Vicki Darrow - President, NYSUT RC #45