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Dear Fellow Retirees,

I hope you are all well and gearing up for a great holiday season, in whatever form you practice. My celebrations will be small again this year with close family and a few friends. I am really surprised at how much I have accumulated over the years to celebrate the holidays. What used to be important to display now sits as family history in a safe (and cluttered) space in my attic. Maybe this year will be the year I clean it out. There needs to be an app for us to put unwanted but still “good” holiday decorations out for adoption. Someone somewhere must need a Santa that sings a song and HOHO’s, a small artificial tree, two massive flamboyant cookie jars, an elf on a tricycle, huge stuffed bears, 36 Christmas blankets, and countless TEACHER ornaments. 

Speaking of the teacher ornaments, I am grateful for those demonstrations of affection my students held for me. When I was an inservice teacher they were placed all over my office and classroom, with who gave them to me and the year they were given. It was always a special walk down memory lane to get them out. Now my tree is filled with Best Mimi, grandkids’ handprints and homemade ornaments. While remembered fondly, my past life and mementos remain tucked away. My new roles have taken over all of the space in my home and heart.

I would like to thank our readers for the many comments we have received. Your feedback and notes of appreciation were greatly appreciated. Please continue to let us know what you like about the newsletter, a fun book you have enjoyed, a special memory from your inservice days or a great vacation you have had.

NYSUT’s Retiree Activist Handbook has been updated, please check it out online at https://www.nysut.org/members/retirees/retiree-handbook. (You’ll be prompted to login at NYSUT’s website to view the handbook at this link) You will find a lot of interesting information in the handbook. 

As I always mention, thank you to those of you who have already mailed your voluntary contributions and if you have yet to do so, please consider sending your 2021 – 2022  voluntary contributions. As you now know, we do rely solely on your donations to support our efforts in keeping you informed and advocating on your behalf. No one representing the RC receives any monetary compensation for his/her work.

Stay safe and healthy!!

In solidarity,  Vicki Darrow

President, NYSUT RC #45