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Hello, Friends! 

I started this letter while in Albany representing NYSUT RC #45 at the annual Presidents Conference and the Representative Assembly. We are being kept busy with one of the main topics being Fix Tier 6. NYSUT is providing us with plenty of information on what work we have ahead of us. This proactive plan has worked previously when members of Tiers 1 - 3 worked diligently to get us a better retirement tier with Tier 4. My husband and I were personally impacted by the fight and were able to retire under Tier 4's pension plan. Now it is our turn to pay it forward for the Tier 6 members. The more of us involved the more timely and effective we will be. I have included an article in this newsletter outlining some history and NYSUT's material to help you understand the gravity of the situation and action steps for you to take. 

We spent time reviewing and adopting many of the 33 total resolutions that were presented at the 2023 RA. The resolutions pertaining to Fixing Tier 6 were passed and they stress the importance of mobilizing our members, inservice AND retirees, to help with the fight. Several LGBTQ+ resolutions were discussed and passed. Of special interest to retirees, Resolution 33 was adopted. This resolution asks NYSUT to initiate and support legislative efforts to improve COLA for New York State Teacher Pensions. We have had a few retirees asking about this over the last few years. There have been more than two decades of inflation since the basis of the COLA was computed on the first $18,000 of our annual pensions. It was my pleasure to be a part of that conversation!

Please consider sending in your voluntary contribution if you haven't already. Contact us if you wish to attend our spring general meeting and luncheon. We have a full slate of officers, delegates and board members who are all very excited to represent your needs over the next three years!!!

Stay safe this summer and enjoy your time outside and with family!! Please keep in touch.

In solidarity,
Vicki Darrow, President, NYSUT RC #45